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J-1 visa - Au Pair

Dreaming of exploring the birthplace of Rock. Seeing the country that gave us the Internet, the i-everything even Wikipedia, Google, YouTube and… of course Hollywood? Well you can and you can do so while receiving a salary with a good roof over your head and three meals a day to boot.

What You Need To Know About The J 1 Visa

American families are looking for suitable Au Pairs from all over the world, but especially from South Africa. South African’s are world-renowned for their excellent people skills, relaxed attitude while still being loyal and hardworking members of the family.

Typically, young school leavers find Au Pairing a wonderfully enriching opportunity and doing so in America means you will be well-looked after while you enjoy the sights, sounds and people of the ‘World’s Greatest Nation’!

Making the decision

Once you’ve made the decision to Au Pair your employment agency will match you with the best family to suit your and their needs and personalities. You might first meet on Skype of FaceTime (two more brilliant American inventions) after which your flights will be arranged and you can start packing for what could be the greatest adventure of your life! But before you do: get your paperwork in order and that means getting a passport and visa.

Getting your J-1 visa

To work in America as an Au Pair you will have to obtain a valid J-1 visa. This visa allows you as a foreigner in that country to legally be employed and it protects you from being exploited – which means you have a measure of surety that you will be looked after and treated fairly.

The J1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa for individuals approved to participate in a cultural exchange program in the United States. Visitors can have the J-1 Visa until the end of their program. The visa is normally issued for no more than the duration of your intended stay as an Au Pair.

Who qualifies to apply for a J-1 visa?

If you meet all the criteria below you may qualify to apply for a J-1 visa. Although a successful application is not garuanteed your chances of success is significantly increased with an experienced immigration agent at your side. The application process can be a mine field if you don’t know what you are doing – and the Americans can be particularly sticky about paperwork and Red Tape….

NWI has your back when it comes to giving you the best chance at visa success, so if you meet the criteria below contact us and we’ll get you sorted.

• You are 18 – 26 years old
• You have very good English skills
• You are healthy
• You have childcare experience
• You have at least secondary school education level
• You don’t smoke
• You have a police clearance report
• You have an international’s driver’s license and at least 50 hours’ driving experience
• You are willing to stay a minimum of 12 months abroad
• You haven’t previously worked as an Au Pair in the USA

What are you in for?

You are about to embark on a year of exciting times, exploring a new country, making life-long friends, learning about a different culture and growing as a person.

In exchange for working a maximum of 10 hours/day looking after your host family’s children you will have the opportunity to complete a self-enriching US post-secondary educational course (paid for by your host family). You will also receive around $ 195,75 a month in pocket money, private living quarters and three meals a day. Au Pairs can also expect weekly compensation for the support they offer the family.

What does the 10 hours of work a day entail?

Au Pairs are only expected to take care of the family’s children and attend to light duties such as cooking meals for the kids, helping them getting dressed and cleaning up their rooms. Most families need the Au Pair to take the children to school and be there when school comes out. You will help the kids with their homework, take them to sports practices, doctor’s appointments and playdates.

Basically what you’d be doing for your younger brothers and sisters with one exception you get paid and you get to do it in America!


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