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The subclass 457 visa is for skilled workers from outside the borders of Australia who have been sponsored by a business to work for them in Australia on a temporary basis. A business can sponsor a skilled migrant worker if they cannot find an appropriately skilled Australian citizen or permanent resident to take up the position listed in the CSOL.

Before one can apply for a work permit, they must make sure that the company is a registered sponsoring company.

The purpose of the sponsorship stage is to confirm that the business wanting to employ the skilled worker:

- is a lawfully operating business - has no adverse information about it or any of its directors - meets the department's training requirements (Australian businesses only

Australian businesses must also show their commitment to employing local labour so the application will be prepared in such a manner that demonstrates this.As an approved sponsor, the company can nominate an unlimited number of subclass 457 visa applicants as long as your standard business sponsorship or labour agreement is valid.

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