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Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS)

Time Processing Time in South Africa: 6 Months

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Government Fee for Skills Assessment: Between AUD$310 to AUD$2150 (Depending on your assessing authority and if you also need to do a practical assessment).

Governments Employer Nomination Fee:AUD$540

Government Fee for Visa: AUD$3520 for the main applicant. AUD$1760 for dependents over 18 years and AUD$880 for dependents under 18 years.

Applying for a Regional Skilled Migration Scheme Visa (187)

View the new published skills occupation list for Australia for 2015-2016!

This Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) is for skilled applicants who wish to work in a Regional area of Australia. This visa forms part of the Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa program.

This visa subclass is for Permanent Resident. You can either be within or outside of Australia when you apply for this visa. If you are within Australia when you apply, you must generally hold a bridging visa or a substantive visa.

The visa has three streams for application:

The Temporary Residence Transition stream:

This is for applicants with Temporary Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) visas who have worked for their nominated employer in their nominated occupation for at least two years and their employer then wishes to offer the applicant a permanent position within their nominated occupation.

The Direct Entry stream is for the following applicants:

Applicants who have only briefly or never worked within the Australian labour market.
Applicants who are temporary residents of Australia, who are not able to qualify for the Temporary Residence Transition stream; or
Those have a nomination lodged with DIBP before the 1 July 2012
The Agreement stream:

This stream caters for applicants nominated by their employer through a labour agreement.You can only apply for this visa stream after you have been nominated by your employer in a regional area of Australia – this would exclude areas such as the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong and Melbourne.

The Expression of Interest

If you currently don’t have an employer who is able to nominate you, an Expression of Interest can be lodged through Skillselect. This allows for prospective employers and any states or territories of Australia, to view your details and may then decide to nominate you for skilled migration application.

Your Expression of Interest needs to be specific in terms of the stream that you wish to be considered for. No supporting documents would be requested at this point. Applicants may lodge an Expression of Interest while being within or outside of Australia.

Information about business and employment in various states and territories is available: Applicants, who are older than the age of 50 years, may still apply for this visa they meet the following criteria:

Applicants who receive a nomination as a senior academic, from an Australian university (based in Australia).
Applicants who receive a nomination as a scientist or researcher or a technical (scientific) specialist at an ANZCO code with a skill level of 1 or 2 by an Australian government scientific agency.
Applicants who receive a nomination as a Minister of Religion through one of Australia’s religious institutions.
Applicants who practise as a Medical Practitioner (ANZSCO Minor Group 253) who has been employed with their nominated employer as the holder of a Temporary Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) or a Medical Practitioner (subclass 422) visa subclass for at least the last four years which would need to be immediately before applying, and then their nominated position would need to be located in a regional area of Australia.
Applicants who are Medical Practitioners, who have been working for their nominating employer holding a Subclass 422 visa before becoming a holder of the Subclass 457 visa for two years of four years immediately before applying, and the nominated position is in a regional area of Australia.
Applicants who are applying through the Direct Entry stream and currently hold the Subclass 444 ( which is New Zealand citizen) or the Subclass 461 ( which is New Zealand citizen’s family member) visa and you have been employed with your employer who has nominated you for two years within the last three years directly before making an application.
Applicants who apply through the Temporary Residence Transition stream, and have been working for their nominated employer and holding a Subclass 457 visa for four years immediately before making an application and that employer paid the applicants at least as much as the Fair Work High Income Threshold in each of their four years.
Applicants who are wishing to apply through the Agreement stream and the relevant labour agreement allows for an applicant who has turned 50 to be eligible to be employed.

This visa is for you if you:

have the required competent English language skills
have an employer to sponsor you
have your occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (CSOL).

You and your family would be permitted to live and work anywhere in your State upon activation of your visa.

Once your occupation has been confirmed as a skill shortage on the CSOL list, we will then calculate your points. Australia requires applicants to score a minimum of 60 points. Your points are generally made up of, but not limited to the following criteria: Age, English Language ability, work experience and qualifications. You would now be eligible to apply for a Skills Assessment based on the assessing authorities’ criteria.

Your Skills Assessment

The CSOL list will advise you on the assessing authority that will assess your application. Please note that for certain trade occupations for certain listed countries, TRA (Trades Recognition of Australia) will ask the assessing authority know as VETASSESS, to conduct the skills assessment on their behalf and also do a technical interview where required or a practical assessment in a workshop environment where required.

Do I need formal Qualifications?

Yes! Australia would require formal qualifications for this visa subclass. Most general/non trade occupations would require a minimum of 1 year of post qualification work experience and a general minimum of 3 years post qualification work experience for trade occupations.

Processing Times and Visa Requirements

Most skills paper based assessments would take approximately 3 months. If practical assessments are also required, this would be subject to available practical dates as designated by the skills assessing authorities. Once available practical dates have been issued for trades, the practical assessment is usually conducted over 1 day.

State applications can take between 1 to 3 months, depending on the state. Even though this State Sponsorship 190 visa has 3 stages and the Skilled Independent Visa 189 only has 2 stages, this State Sponsorship 190 visa may be processed sooner as you receive an invitation from DIBP as soon as your state application is approved.

Once applying for the final stage to the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection, processing times may vary, depending on your points count. It is safe to say that the process from Skills Assessment to Visa application can take between 6 months to 1 year depending on your individual case.

The Main Requirements are:

1 x Valid Passport
1 x Academic qualifications
1 x Evidence of work experience for each period of employment
1 x Birth Certificate
1 x Evidence of English Language ability
1 x A clear criminal record (Certain cases can be discussed on a case by case basis, should there be an issue).
1 x A clean bill of health (Certain cases can be discussed on a case by case basis, should there be an issue).
1 x Employer to sponsor you


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